Dogs of War: Shakespeare’s Soldiers Review: DidYouWeekend

Dogs of War: Shakespeare’s Soldiers Review: DidYouWeekend

Sage Theatre Institute launched its debut and premiere of, “Shakespeare’s Soldiers: The Dogs of War”, a rich, lively and passionate piece about William Shakespeare and his obsession with war. The piece was penned by Sage’s own Professor David Bunce, who has provided brilliant and flawless performances in a number of works, including Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, and again in Les Miserables, to name but a few. In“Dogs of War”,  Bunce takes his own notes and his own pen in hand and molds Shakespeare’s text to try and interpret Shakespeare’s obsession with war. Indeed, this work is the handshake between Bunce’s own obsession and that of Shakespeare’s. It is a colloquy of American history and Shakespeare, and the messages we are meant to learn from both of them.

Up next: Dogs of War: Shakespeare’s Soldiers at the Theatre Institute at Sage! A one man show!

Up next: Dogs of War: Shakespeare's Soldiers at the Theatre Institute at Sage! A one man show!

Shakespeare wrote during the rise of the warrior-poet, a time when the stage was used to promote nationalism by romanticizing war. But the playwright was also keenly aware of the horrors of combat. From kings and princes to paupers and slaves, this 60-minute one-man show explores the Bard’s treatment of military conflict through the words of his soldiers.

Wednesday, November 20 -10am
Thursday, November 21 – 10am
Friday, November 22 – 10am, 8pm
Saturday, November 23 – 8pm
Sunday, November 24 – 2pm